2017 Mega-Themes in Africa-China Relations

This year was dominated by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its attempt to connect about 60 percent of the global population through infrastructure. Many African nations, hungry for infrastructure development, are ready to join. As Trump’s America continues to retreat within its borders, China has filled in the gap on global issues such as climate change, which disproportionately affects Africans. China has also made huge gains in Africa in terms of investment and job creation, trade, aid and military presence. Though China is fairly popular in the continent, racism, Africa’s rising debt and exploitation of African animals have resulted in controversies. In technology, healthcare and education, however, China is making huge strides in not only seducing African customers but also creating goodwill.


2016 Mega-Themes in Africa-China Relations

The year 2016 saw many changes in Africa-China relations. While the Asian nation championed African causes at international summits, it is also requiring African nations to do more to attract Chinese investment. In addition, China is not the only Asian giant courting Africa. This year, Japan and India also made their case for stronger relations with the continent. As relations between China and Africa mature, the honeymoon phase seems to be fading out. Unsavory aspects of this intimate relationship including the impact on Africa’s environment and overt racism have been reported. Nevertheless, China and Africa will likely forge a future together as the Asian nation has committed huge financial resources and and is setting up educational opportunities for the benefit of Africans.


2015 Mega-Themes in Africa-China Relations

This year, not only has China played an important role in Africa’s economies and societies, but it has also attempted to coordinate with the U.S. to address Africa’s most pressing problems. China has also been asserting its status as a superpower as seen in its anti-Ebola response and its creation of massive international institutions. This year’s “Mega-Themes in Africa-China Relations” discusses this and more.


2014 Mega-Themes in Africa-China Relations

Each African country has its own unique experiences with China. Yet, there are several overarching trends that are observed across the board. These mega-themes have been classified into two broad categories: China’s strengths and China’s weaknesses in Africa. The final section includes a general view of what Africans think about the Chinese in their continent.

2016 mega-themes

2016-A5: 2030 Agenda

In September 2015, the world’s heads of state, governments and representatives  met at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and committed themselves to eradicating poverty, combating inequality, protecting human rights and addressing other pressing issues by...

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2015 mega-themes

2014 mega-themes

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